Arts-based research: How do the artistic and the educational entangle?

Guimarães, Portugal
23. - 25. Januar 2018

Taking into account the latest editions of ECER and particularly of the NW29 programmes, it has become increasingly evident the shared interest in the issues of the mobilization of artistic practices/methodologies in educational research. In itself, this concern of the entanglement of artistic procedures and educational intents is rather wide and subject to many interpretations under the generic name of arts-based research.


DOCK 11, Berlin
16. - 18. März 2018

Das Workshop-Festival widmet sich den Migrationsbewegungen von Tanzkünstler_innen in Europa im Übergang zwischen der ersten und zweiten Hälfte des 20.Jahrhunderts. Im Mittelpunkt stehen die „Grenzgänger“ und „Brückenbauer“ zwischen „alten“ und „neuen“ Konzepten der Bühnenkunst mit ihren Methoden der Tanzvermittlung.

International Conference - Arts Education Research and the Challenge of Cultural Sustainability

Friedrich-Alexander-Universität, Nürnberg-Erlangen
02. - 05. Mai 2018

Culture only persists through lived practice. It exists within iterative practices which pass on – and by doing so, inevitably reinterpret and recontextualize – cultural forms, semantics, and values. Arts, taken as a particular realm of aesthetic expression by
culturally situated means, are thus important agents, shaping the tensional relation between tradition and heritage on the one hand and the multiple challenges of cultural transformation on the other: Through the discoursive practices of arts, cultures aesthetically reflect and become critically aware of themselves. Through the participation in aesthetic discourses and practices, people thus may participate in
such deliberative aesthetic transformative practices. This is where arts education, cultural education and aesthetic education intersect.