Art and Design as Agent for Change

National College of Art and Design Dublin, Ireland
17. + 18. November 2017

This year’s conference will be held in the National College of Art and Design in Dublin, with the theme of art and design as agent for change. Social justice has become a growing focus for many educators and practitioners in the visual arts, and the idea of art and design having agency in the process of social chance has gained traction.

Call for Papers
This year’s iJADE conference addresses this agency in the context of art and design and education, and invites papers that investigate this topic from a variety of angles. The following may serve as a guide for intending speakers: The state of the arts, Curriculum as agent for change, Teacher as agent for change, Artist-teacher activist, Transformative pedagogy in the 21st century, Continuing professional development as change, Sustainable design in a circular economy, Future proofing art education, Widening participation access to art education, Social entrepreneurship and design thinking, Gallery as a critical space for learning, Education though art as social cohesion, Socially engaged art and design practices, Social change through design, Designing as agency, Community education through the arts, Histories of change in art, craft and design education, Health and wellbeing through education in the arts, Art as a transformative practice, Disability and the arts as agents of change, Early childhood education and the arts, Social media and social change, Technological change and social change, Educational change and social change, The possibilities of social agency through the arts, Space/place as an agent in social change, Art and citizenship, Craft practice as emancipation, Politics of change through the arts, Young people and social engagement through the arts, Contemporary community art practices, Community crafts, Community education through art, Arts and political reaction, The arts and displacement/diaspora.

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Deadline 1: To ensure that your abstract can be reviewed in time for you to qualify for the early registration rate, please send by 1 July 2017.

Deadline 2: For the standard registration rate, please send your abstract no later than 30 September 2017.

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